What is Custom Fitting?

We are the number one custom fitting centre in Scotland. Custom fitting is what we do

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What is Custom Fitting?

Every golfer is different. We're all different shapes, different sizes and we most certainly all have different golf swings. Our custom fitting service means we can adapt clubs to suit your requirements, both physically and to aid your desired consistent ball flight.

At the Kings Links Golf Centre, the majority of clubs we sell are custom fit.  We have the most experienced and PGA trained club fitters in the North East and we offer the largest selection of carts from all the main golf manufacturers. What's more we use proper golf balls and most importantly, we use ball flight.

The key to our success is our 350 yard driving range which enables us to track and see your ball flight. We could not, and wouldn't want to do what we do if we were fitting in a net. Through seeing the golf ball and having technology that tracks the ball for the entire flight, we take out all the guess work that you get when being fitted in a net. We are the busiest independent custom fitting centre in Scotland because we fit on ball flight.

Who Needs Custom Fit?

We have two types of customer, the ones who get fitted to optimise their ball flight and the ones who get fitted to optimise the performance of their golf clubs. Generally, customers looking to optimise their ball flight are mid to high handicappers, or beginners looking for a consistent ball flight. The customers looking at performance are generally 'the regulars' who will try and seek out every inch of performance available to them.

The performance of the current range of equipment is something many golfers are sceptical about. We don't promise to find you amount of yards. We will always give you an honest comparison of your current equipment against what is new on the market. If we can find improved performance, great. If not, you know you're already using the right clubs for you!

Custom Fit price list
Launch Monitor Fit - Irons and Woods (Refundabale upon order/purchase. Valid for 28 days) £30.00

Call 01224 641 577 to book your appointment now or email info@kings-links.com