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Our Promise

We will always give you an honest comparison of your current equipment against what is new on the market. If we can find improved performance, great. If not, you know you're already using the correct equipment for you!

After Sales

Post Fit Check up - It is impossible to be 100% right all the time as no golfer swings it the same every time. If you are not 100% satisfied with clubs that you have had custom fit from us, we will get you back in to recheck them at no extra charge.

Loft & Lie Check - Many clubs, particularly soft forged irons, move over time with use. We can check your lofts and lies and alter if required with our top of the range Mitchell loft and lie machine.

Regripping - A set of golf clubs will last you a lot longer than a set of grips. You should change your grips every year (depending on use). Regripping at the Kings Links starts at £5 per club (price depending on grip choice) and we have a wide selection of grips in stock to choose from.


What our customers say

"The Kings Links sorted me out for my new set of Titleist 716MB's and M1 woods. The service was excellent, top class facilties and the clubs came in no time at all! I would highly recommend getting custom fit to anyone!"

Gary Watson

"I'm a self confessed golf addict, I love trying out all the new equipment and I'm always looking for that extra couple of yards! I love that I can go in for a custom fit, see the numbers up against my own driver and I'm never under any pressure to buy. The guys at the Kings Links are great, the sessions are always fun!"

George Cooper

"I recently got custom fitted for a new set of Titleist 716MB. The session was great, plenty of coice of shafts and hitting proper golf balls was a nice touch. From the fitting session to getting the clubs was a matter of days and having all the lofts and lies checked instore was an added benefit. Top class service as always."

Anthony Bews

"I had a custom fitting with Chris a couple of years ago for a set of Mizuno MP-4's and I still love them. I was in to try the new MP-5's but there was no advantage with them so got my lofts and lies checked instead. A couple of them had moved over the years playing on hard links turf. Clubs were put back to the original spec at no charge!"

Andrew Hepburn


Custom Fit price list
Launch Monitor Fit - Irons and Woods (Refundabale upon order/purchase. Valid for 28 days) £30.00

Call 01224 641 577 to book your appointment now or email