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The New Range Experience

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The best players in the world use TrackMan. The best coaches in the world use TrackMan. And now, you can use TrackMan too, with TrackMan Range.

What Is TrackMan Range?

TrackMan Range is a free app which allows you to practice with feedback and purpose. Using this app, you can follow your progression over time, directly on your mobile device. 

Whilst practicing at a TrackMan Range, your ball flight data is collected by a radar system. This system allows you to have eight of TrackMan’s most essential data ball points at your disposal, for each shot that you take.

These are:

• Ball speed
• Launch angle
• Launch direction
• Height
• Carry
• Total distance
• Side distance from pin
• From distance to pin

The TrackMan Range app allows users to convert range ball data into premium ball data, ensuring that your practice sessions are as ‘course realistic’ as possible. A quick, free sign up to the app also allows players to store and review their performance, including ball dispersion and game history.

Games That Make You Better

When using a TrackMan Range, you can play a variety of games during your practice, allowing you to make your session more entertaining.

The games in the free TrackMan Range app are not only a lot of fun, they also help you to improve your shot-making skills significantly.

Choose between:

  • Bulls Eye
  • Hit it
  • Capture the flag

Each game is quick, fun and challenging, play alone, in a group or invite the person next to you for a fun challenge.