LoyalTEE Card

The Kings Links Golf Centre Loyaltee card. Top up, tee up, save! Join our Loyaltee Scheme and receive free range balls along with all the latest news and offers.

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  • How it works - Spend £2 instore and you will receive one Loyaltee point – these can be exchanged for free range balls.
  • Save money - You can top up your Loyaltee card instore or online. Choose one of the three ball tariffs and save up to 30% off our regular range ball prices.
  • Save time - Use your Loyaltee card to collect 25, 50, 75 or 100 balls direct from the ball dispensing machines at the driving range.
  • Improve your game - Receive regular emails offering professional advice to improve your game, news updates and Loyaltee special offers.
Range ball Top Up tariffs
Name Balls Price Saving
Eagle 1000 £50.00 £30.00
Birdie 500 £27.00 £13.00
Par 250 £15.00 £5.00

To see the terms and conditions of use for the LoyalTee card please click here
*Excludes sale and redemption of gift and lesson cards.